Internet of Things

In a general sense, IoT (Internet of Things) is a network of virtual objects or “objects” embedded in electricity, software, sensors and network connections — features that enable them to collect and exchange data.

Make no mistake. These “things” represent the beginning of a business revolution.

Note I say business and not IT. IoT is not an IT revolution; it is an IT creation. For a business, however, it brings the flexibility of the enterprise’s ability to look inward, in the process and in digital and out-of-business operations for customers — thus providing new job opportunities and practical applications.

In short, IoT greatly enhances the lens solution through which businesses are able to look at all their features.

Of course, looking at yourself means very little if one does not understand what a person sees, or how to act on what one sees.

Data is only data until a time when it can be analysed and transformed into information. Without analytical ability, those sources of big data remain open. In addition, as we begin to add insights, take on trends and change the details, the good circle begins — one where the business can focus on areas where more data drives a better understanding and adds some value. Ultimately, it is the understanding that comes from knowledge that will inspire change.

• Converted and intelligent networking sites that can connect “things” to one another and the systems that control them, whether they are wireless or wireless.

• A data centre infrastructure that can measure accepting data saturation, which is large enough to effect process changes and is powerful enough to analyse all data.

• The next-generation security that provides visibility and control over the business will need to ensure that the “stuff” does what it is designed for, and does not create holes ready for exploitation.

  • Business analysis that gives you insight, and can vizualize information in the way the business understands.

One such example of this instance is AirQ:-

AirQ from SmartSense in Croatia is a high-quality air sensor that measures emissions, including gas-related emissions data (NO, NO2, CO, SO2, O3) and backbone (PM1, PM2.5 and PM10). Accurate and reliable data collection from these sensors is essential to ensure that today’s information is available to SmartSense dashboard users.

NB-IoT deployment: -

So far, the AirQ sensor has used 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity to load data from embedded sensors. However, SmartSense has now developed an effective NB-IoT alternative and aims to emerge continuously in a form that can be used off the grid to allow installation on any site.

Benefits of SmartSense: -

NB-IoT can bring other important benefits of AirQ sensors from Smart Sense, compared to existing powerful 3G and Wi-Fi sensors.

IoT as it stands today is paid for by consumers, and for sensible sectors such as healthcare, sales, manufacturing and construction. These are the industries that seek to transform their customer interaction experience — looking at how IoT can improve the services they provide their customers.

Battery life — NB-IoT is designed for power consumption, which means it can operate from battery power and extend the battery life span by up to 10 years, depending on the usage profile.

Coverage — NB-IoT is LTE-based, but is designed to offer up to 20dB enhanced coverage over existing LTE networks.

  • Real-time data — The SmartSense dashboard displays real-time information from embedded AirQ sensors. Therefore, it is important that the measurements from the sensors are transmitted quickly.

Conclusion :-

This NB-IoT deployment of AirQ sensors in partnership with Deutsche Telekom, Cosmote and Hub:Raum has shown that there are huge benefits to SmartSense. AirQ sensors can now be installed in many locations, while maintaining the same quality of service as before. This means that the data collected is more accurate and any areas that suffer from high pollution can be highly concentrated and monitored. To take full advantage of IoT, however, all these businesses will need to introduce new capabilities —

They will need partners with expertise in all technologies that extract data value from all of these things.

Written by Aditya Kumar

Winner of TECHNI-KALAM an event of FLUCTUATION ONLINE 2020 (BOOLEAN’S first online fest)



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