Importance of Digital Marketing

Covid-19 pandemic; a reality check

If you haven’t realized the importance of digital world in this quarantine then I would have to look around hard to find a more naive business personnel than you. Some of you might think of strengthening their foot in their business and then giving a thought to advertising online. Some of you may be even brag about distributing pamphlets across the entire city. My best regards to you but no one gives a damn shit about a company, any company of whichever field until they need it and when they need it they don’t have a look on their piled crumbled bank of pamphlets reserved for recycling but rather search online They are enough health conscious not to endanger their lives going in traditional markets to find your company there. You can curse me if you think I am a “youth misguided by foreign influences ruining the traditional market system”. Just to add an additional information traditional marketing was eroded long back in major cities and digital marketing has actually asserted its position in the minor ones too. So, stop dwindling around looking for opportunities and strengthen your base online.

Need to update

For the best of your work, you need to update yourself. Sometimes digital
marketing is not seen in a very positive light but one needs to look at the bright side of it, specially when it becomes unavoidable in the modern era . You can have access to the global market without a slightest inch of inconvenience from your end. Yes, you need to work, come out of your nutshell and think beyond. No more can one say that going digital is a secondary option. Digital Marketing is the primary and most crucial step as important as the banner outside your shop claiming it to be your pride.

Digital marketing: more than owning your website

Digital marketing , as many would believe, is not just a website with your
company’s name and prestigious work, it is much more than that. It includes so much more whether it be social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing , ad services, behavioral targeting and plenty more on the list that specifically a digital marketing expert can understand.

Popular myth among the unaware

Few innocent are used to the thinking that only famous people and organizations get the top space in the well known search engines of the world but gladly that is not the case. It is the mastermind of digital marketing experts that when holistically planned and effectively implemented that brings you and organization on the front foot and gives you the name that people look up to. You need to dream big, think big and definitely knowingly work big and to have your initiative globally recognized. As a digital marketing expert I have worked with many companies and respected personalities in their respective fields to know the power of advertising. Competition today has gone so far that the services you provide no matter how honest and cool, are provided by one or the other company worldwide so what makes it different is how you present yourself not just in the real world but also in the digital one.

Not just about business

It is not just about companies and service providers, anyone who wants to avail better opportunities need to be available online to be accessible to the world because no matter where you are and how you survive, it is an uncontradicted fact that you have some special talent that no one in this world had, have or will have and that needs recognition from the world. Your talent has every right to world appreciation. Digital marketing is the way for it.

Economically feasible

Let me soothe your traditional concerns, what about money? You are not
expected to put all your life savings trying to advertise yourself. Once you start, you realize that not much money needs to be invested. Only a little that you roll off in cinemas and restaurants is needed. Just a one month restaurant fast will be enough. What you need is knowledge and awareness to do it. Everything is available online you just need to be crystal clear about which services you are looking for. Below, I’ll summarize the importance of digital marketing and hope that you awaken your senses to it.

Provides reach to your customers where they are available
70% of people 90% of the time are browsing on internet looking for what they want, both in life and their house. So, your presence in the digital world, I suppose is a must because it is where your customers actually live.

Gives you the ability to judge your competitors
You need not sit and listen how your rivals are doing much better than you are. You can simply analyses their strategic moves and developments or take a lesson from their downfalls when working in your business online. Digital
marketing has the potential to direct you to your best by analyzing the statistics of your rivals .

Brings customers at your service
If you are honest with your work and have good reviews, you need not worry about customers. Customers get pulled to your shop, whenever they search your field and having a good review list gives you your long awaited bonus. Digital marketing gives you the online presence that polarizes people towards your work.

Helps to understand your audience better Sometimes you don’t understand the backlog in your business until you keep track of your consumer’s behavior and cannot profit until you keep increasing your standards. Digital marketing supplies you the information
needed to cement both the working aspects.

Keeps you targeted When you completely understand consumer behavior and know your rivals position in the market, you are focused towards your upcoming goals and motivated to be better with each customer service.

Helps to analyze the market Digital marketing backs you with major market trends, innovations and technologies to increase the efficiency of your system. It equips you with the right knowledge for you to be able to draft your success plans.

Optimizes your working ability Digital marketing untangles complicated market stuff and kills time burning work for you to be able to utilize your time jewel for other constructive purposes.

Monitors your growth In the modern world, it is not hard to be deviated from your path and be persuaded by wrong philosophies. By maintaining your work record, it keeps track of your majors and minors to look forth to improvement in the long run.

Establishes brand reputation Customers can recognize your brand due to its digital presence which builds long term relations with them. Digital marketing ties the knot of trust between the buyer and the seller.

Cost effective You don’t need to be Bill Gates to be able to pay for digital marketing. Any average person can invest and your investments are totally worth the wide exchange platform, the digital platform, that you get. You can easily start with a small budget.

Expands your reach to the world market Contrary to the traditional set up, Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to target millions of people from around the globe to market your product.

You need to evolve yourself with the fast moving world to keep sustaining.
How can you expect yourself to be competitive when you are not aware of
the online world. Climate, business and attitude of people change with
lighting speed and to keep yourself updated, you need to first be present.
No more is going digital a choice it’s a necessity to survive and flourish your

The markets of this era are no longer outside on the streets they are
rather deep inside the very computer you sit reading.

Written by Mrignayni Pandey



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